E3 Day one (PS4 and Sony Press Conference)

So we’ve completed day one of E3 and it didn’t waste anytime at all. Let’s focus on the PS4 and what we’re all looking forward to.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Rumors end and Trailer spings)

Day one was focused on the Sony press conference where they began teasing us by confirming the rumor of Uncharted 4 being legit. Oh, that’s not all, lets not forget they also hit us with a trailer! Which, thanks to Playstation’s youtube channel, you can view here. After watching this trailer, it becomes quite clearly signaled that this will indeed be the final chapter to the Uncharted franchise. And without question, this trailer has me in multiple emotions! Yea, that’s a good thing.


Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Revealed

Thank you thank you thank you! We were finally hit with some nice actual gameplay of Batman Arkham Knight as well! And it continues to excel even when we think you couldn’t do better than it’s last successor! Once again because of Playstation’s youtube the gameplay is viewable here! Everything from the Batmobile battle system and it ‘s gadgets, the theatrical music and the REAL TIME graphics… this undoubtedly made me want to scream. It has been revealed that Scarecrow is potentially the Bat’s main villain.


Little Big Planet 3 confirmed for November 2014

By god, they did it. When we thought all may have been lost for the Little Big Planet world, it isn’t. This world is here to stay! This time it come’s with a bigger package than it’s previous installments. Wonderful graphics and music that fit’s just right. And from the looks of it, character variety has changed from just the original “dude made out of cloth” character, to now broadening into other playable characters to choose from! I personally can not WAIT to create my character this time around. Tune in here via Playstation’s Youtube channel for a live coverage at E3, along with more info!

This is just the icing on the cake guys, there were so much that Sony threw at us, I didn’t know which way to turn! What a hell of an interesting day one it was! Stay tuned for more on E3 week!


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