It’s evolving! Internet Explorer transitioning to next-gen web browser – Project Spartan for Windows 10


Resuming some Windows 10 updates: In Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 press conference they have demonstrated its new web browser, which is codenamed Project Spartan, for the first time. There are a few features that they took the time to show off and share with us.

The first feature of Spartan was a way to let you mark up web pages just as you would do if you were using a marker on a piece of paper. It also lets you share marked-up pages with people you’re collaborating with and can work on both touch-based and non-touch devices.

The second feature is improvements to improve your overall reading experience on the web that will include the ability to save content offline through a reading list that essentially freezes bookmarks in place and lets you read them later even if you have no web connection. It will also sync your reading list across all devices so you can read them on your phone if you’ve saved them on your PC and vice versa.

Cortana revealed as a Windows 10 feature
Cortana revealed as a Windows 10 feature

Finally, Microsoft allowed access to Cortana, their voice assistant, in the Spartan web browser so that you can use voice search when surfing the web. Here’s the cool part, since Cortana learns and adapts to your behavior, Cortana can let you know things about pages you’re looking at. Are you looking for a specific type of computer? Well, if you shop on a site, Cortana can tell you if that particular computer is available there.

Sounds promising! 2015 is sounding like a good year for Microsoft. My thoughts? Buh bye Internet Explorer… This. Is. Spartan!


Microsoft plans to fuse Windows 10 OS to Xbox One


It’s confirmed, sometime in the future Microsoft will be meshing the Windows 10 operating system into the Xbox One console. What’s the purpose? Sharing applications across devices and platforms, of course.

This could be a good move on Microsoft’s part. Except, according to the head of team Xbox, Phil Spencer assured that the games platform wouldn’t be compromised by enterprise-centric and desktop-focused applications. Mr. Spencer did have something to say as well:

We won’t see people using Excel on the Xbox, but Microsoft is making it easier to port experiences from PC over to Xbox where they make sense…

We’ll treat gaming on Windows 10 with the same passion as we’ve put into the Xbox console.

That’s basically all that was said. There are no details as to how Windows 10 will operate nor how interactive it will be. Sigh.

However, Phil Spencer did mention more details will be available this March, during the Games Developer’s Conference.

On a side note, in case you don’t know, here’s some facts about Windows 10 OS. You will be able to stream Xbox One games. Also, if you’re a customer and own Windows 7 and up, you can get Windows 10 for free but only for the first year. This also applies to you Windows phone owners. Lastly Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant, will be available on Windows 10 for PC.

Stay tuned for more soon.

Disappointment! Kingdom Hearts 3 release date rumors come to a close


There’s been a little bird (cough cough, Bill Farmer, the on-going voice actor for Goofy in the KH series) responding to a fan’s question on Twitter about the release date of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III with:

we have been recording on it for the last few years. It is supposed to come out later this year.

Hence, there has been many responses to this statement, mostly skeptical and shocked responses. Ultimately, the Kingdom Hearts community seemed to be confused due to the fact that most of us could pretty much predict that it was highly unlikely we’d get KH3 in 2015. To further include to my defense, Square has yet to reveal any gameplay or images outside of the E3 announcement.

So get this, Square Enix USA went to Twitter to put this rumor and subject to rest, along with calling Mr. Farmer out on his statement. Here’s what they said:

This would be one of those times where I’m  99.9% sure that we wouldn’t see this game this year, but I would hope someone would tell me I was wrong. Well, with all that being said, I wonder what to expect going forward.

Anyway, there you have it, how disappointing. Your thoughts?

Nostalgia: MS-DOS games are available to play free on your browser

Screenshot of one of MS-DOS popular games "The Oregon Trail"
Screenshot of one of MS-DOS popular games “The Oregon Trail”

Enjoyed playing MS-DOS games way back when? Well enjoy it right now — for free! The Internet Archive has laid out the many childhood-memories for us to play and re-live the good and bad moments of playing some of these games. Through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator, these programs are bootable and playable. However, it appears that this browser-based emulator is still in the beta phase so expect random bugs/issues [for now].

There’s Duke Nukem, Street Fighter, Burger Blaster, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Lion King, Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer and more, totaling to about 2,306 (according to their search results) MS-DOS based game titles ready to play in an engaging lesson in interactive internet care.

I personally am not too familiar with all MS-DOS games, I didn’t own my very own computer until the early 2000’s, but I’ve certainly grew up during that era of gaming. If you’re not familiar with MS-DOS at all, nows a great time to get your hands dirty and your brain working.

Interesting! Here’s an On-Going-Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Remake Project

What happens when you have a hardcore Super Mario 64 Fan with the ability to create Up-to-date graphics? See for yourself! Talk about inspirational! It’s always good to know that there’s people out there with this kind of dedication. This project is led by Aryoksini, mStuff, Callum Martin, and Chadtronic, according to Game Informer, and boy am I Impressed!

Here's a look at the outcome of this HD reimagining of Super Mario 64
Here’s a look at the outcome of this HD reimagining of Super Mario 64

It’s only right that Super Mario 64  would get this much attention from aspiring, yet VERY talented developers. This is where all the magic happened; when the next generation of Nintendo gaming sprung. Super Mario 64 is still a game that is cherished today, whether it’s through our memory, our playlist or even being streamed on Twitch. And in this particular video showcase they’ve shown us some pretty cool stuff, such as Princess Peach’s Castle, Mario’s awesome jumps/wall hangs and some of the enemies we’re familiar with.

And get this, if you’ve noticed, in the description of the video it says that these developers are opened to recruiting anyone who would like to take part in this already-in-the-works project.

Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is a not for profit project being developed by a team of individuals passionate about the magic of the original game.

Interested in joining the project? We are always looking for more help! Join our facebook development group –

You know, you would think that Nintendo themselves would have had this thought lingering in their creative minds.. Or did they?

Super Mario 64 HD
Mario got a makeover from fans in this HD Remake of this N64 classic

Are you excited for this fan HD remake of Super Mario 64? How would you feel if Nintendo shut the project down? Tell me, I’d like to know!