Interesting! Here’s an On-Going-Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Remake Project

What happens when you have a hardcore Super Mario 64 Fan with the ability to create Up-to-date graphics? See for yourself! Talk about inspirational! It’s always good to know that there’s people out there with this kind of dedication. This project is led by Aryoksini, mStuff, Callum Martin, and Chadtronic, according to Game Informer, and boy am I Impressed!

Here's a look at the outcome of this HD reimagining of Super Mario 64
Here’s a look at the outcome of this HD reimagining of Super Mario 64

It’s only right that Super Mario 64  would get this much attention from aspiring, yet VERY talented developers. This is where all the magic happened; when the next generation of Nintendo gaming sprung. Super Mario 64 is still a game that is cherished today, whether it’s through our memory, our playlist or even being streamed on Twitch. And in this particular video showcase they’ve shown us some pretty cool stuff, such as Princess Peach’s Castle, Mario’s awesome jumps/wall hangs and some of the enemies we’re familiar with.

And get this, if you’ve noticed, in the description of the video it says that these developers are opened to recruiting anyone who would like to take part in this already-in-the-works project.

Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is a not for profit project being developed by a team of individuals passionate about the magic of the original game.

Interested in joining the project? We are always looking for more help! Join our facebook development group –

You know, you would think that Nintendo themselves would have had this thought lingering in their creative minds.. Or did they?

Super Mario 64 HD
Mario got a makeover from fans in this HD Remake of this N64 classic

Are you excited for this fan HD remake of Super Mario 64? How would you feel if Nintendo shut the project down? Tell me, I’d like to know!


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