Amazing: 40-minute Final Fantasy XV Gameplay(Demo) Released + Many Details Revealed

Square Enix’s confirms demo will be available March 17 but won’t run in 1080p; Project thought to be 60% done.

On Friday, in Japan, there was a livestream taking place for Final Fantasy XV and they’ve given us so many details to work with; 40-minutes worth, to be exact.

During a live video presentation, director Hajime Tabata revealed how far along the game is in development, talked about resolution details for its upcoming demo, released a new gameplay video, and more. But before getting into that, lets talk a little about Final Fantasy XV.

final-fantasy-15-demo-hq-screens-2Final Fantasy XV is what I like to call a real-time-role-playing game. It actually didn’t start out with that title — but as Final Fantasy Versus XIII back in 2006 which was announced at the expo during E3. However, rumors came around that it was cancelled. Later it was found out that the project wasn’t cancelled but rebooted with the new Playstation (PS4) and Xbox (Xbox One) consoles in mind.

Now, getting into some new information, Mr. Tabata was asked how much of Final Fantasy XV is currently completed. According to Kotaku, he replied, “We’re now at 60 percent.” Tabata added that he didn’t think it would take much longer to reach 80 percent completion, while the final 20 percent should also should “fall into place in a relatively smooth and timely fashion.”

Thanks to GameHQMedia, we got a look at the nearly 45-minute video of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo.

According to DualShockers, Mr. Tabata confirmed that the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo will not run in full 1080p/30fps on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, he plans to have 1080/30fps resolution implemented into the final game.

Hajime Tabata also revealed during the presentation that the full map for Final Fantasy XV will be about 10-20 times larger than what players will find in the demo. Something else he said was that the game’s title screen will change according to the real-world time of day, and that the demo won’t have weather effects, although the final game will. You can go to this DualShockers post for more gameplay details regarding the demo.

The upcoming Final Fantasy XV demo will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but only for people who buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.  Here’s what Square Enix product marketing manager Scott Strichart explained in December.

“We’re never going to release it as a standalone piece down the line.”

Although that moment blows my mind (Must I purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD?), I enjoy everything that I’ve seen and look forward to what’s to come. The demo is set to release on March 17.


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