Before I get into it, I just want to say, I’m a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy XIV and have been since late 2013. If you don’t know much of anything about FFXIV, it is a MMORPG game thats been released for Playstation 3, PC and Playstation 4. Very similar to that of Final Fantasy XI with a much improved battle system and all-around experience. As of a few days ago, Square Enix has announced it’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has over 4 million registered accounts.

This number, which marks a pretty massive jump from the 2.5 million accounts revealed at the end of last year, doesn’t include accounts made for free trials of the game. We don’t know how many of these are active, but it’s clear interest in the game is growing at a substantial rate.

To celebrate the announcement, Square Enix has revealed a free login period will kick off Friday, February 27 at 8am GMT and finish on Monday, March 9 at 8am GMT. To be eligible, you have to have apparently “previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy XIV and [have an account] set as inactive during the campaign period.”

Earlier this week, the latest patch rolled out, bringing with it Chocobo racing, Chocobo breeding and the Triple Triad card game that originally appeared in Final Fantasy VIII.

The news is good considering the MMO’s first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is due out in early 2015, and will add flying mounts, personal airships and three new jobs and a race.

In other related news, Square Enix released its annual end of year report which cites a strong presence from its various MMOs and the company’s focus on game development in different categories for the next year.

I’m personally proud of Square Enix’s success and to be apart of the Final Fantasy Community. I look forward to a lot more from them. If you haven’t played, you can give it a try with their 2-week free trial here.


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