Sony’s Playstation 4 Has Now Reached a New Selling Milestone of 20.2 Million Units


As of March 1, Sony has set the record higher for their console competition by officially selling 20.2 million of their units worldwide.

The manufacturer reports the PS4 is continuing its legacy as the “fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history.” It is currently available in over 123 countries worldwide.

Originally launching in November 2013, the PlayStation 4 was last reported in January 2015 to have sold 18.5 million units worldwide, with 6.4 million of those being sold in its third financial quarter.

As a side note, there are plans for the PlayStation 4 to schedule exclusives in 2015, including Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, and Tearaway Unfolded.

Being their customer since the first Playstation console, PSX, it’s good to see them progress and evolve so much through these different eras. I look forward to everything PS4 has to offer in the future.

Congrats, Sony! You’ve come a long way and show no signs of stepping down anytime soon.


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