Uh oh: Metal Gear V Confirmed to be the Last Metal Gear + Snake Won’t be Talking as Much


Lets start out by talking a little on Metal Gear. The Metal Gear saga has been around since the late `80s. And since the beginning, It’s been created by the one and only Hideo Kojima. It was well noticed on the Famicon/NES system, this was when the first of the franchise had began. Eventually, Metal Gear Solid launched for the PSX and with all the popularity it gained, that’s when the saga really took off.

So get this guy’s, it’s been said prior that actor Kiefer Sutherland will be voice acting Snake in Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain. This is still the case, however you may not hear his voice very often in the game. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima says in a new interview that Snake “won’t really speak much at all.” Keeping Snake somewhat silent was a design choice Kojima made so that he comes across as an extension of the player. Here’s more details on what Mr. Kojima had to say:

“I’ve said it many times, but I understand why people feel Snake is cool and admire him. In realty, though, Snake is and always has been nothing more than an extension of the player. He’s your alter ego. Therefore, I made a very conscious effort this time to bring Snake closer to the player’s perspective. As much as possible, Snake will act based on the player rather than doing things like making spontaneous comments or flirting with women.

“In fact, this time, Snake won’t really speak much at all. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an open-world game focused on giving freedom to the player who will drive Snake’s actions. Snake himself will be more of a silent protagonist similar to Mad Max in Mad Max 2. It’s the characters around him who will expand the story.”

But that’s not all. Metal Gear fans understand that this has been a long saga for Metal Gear; since its release on the NES back in `87. Well how does it feel to hear that producer Hideo Kojima is calling this the “final saga”? This wouldn’t be the first time that Mr. Kojima called out on a Metal Gear game being the last, as he’s said it in the past. But this time around he seems to be quite certain that this will bring the saga to a close.

“I always say, ‘This will be my last Metal Gear,’ but the games in the series that I’ve personally designed and produced–Metal Gear on MSX, MG2, MGS1, 2, 3, 4, Peace Walker, and now MGSV–are what constitute a single ‘Metal Gear Saga.’ With MGSV, I’m finally closing the loop on that saga. In that sense, this will be the final ‘Metal Gear Solid,’ Even if the ‘Metal Gear’ franchise continues, this is the last ‘Metal Gear.'”

This is never a good thing to hear, but we can hope that this will go off with a big bang. The Phantom Pain launches worldwide September 1 across Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The PC edition is scheduled to arrive two weeks later on September 15 though. We also now know all about the game’s limited edition, which comes with a model of Snake’s bionic arm and then some.


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