Adventures of Sm4sh


It’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve decided to make refinements to my blog, starting with making this my official Super Smash bros. Wii U blog and/or journal for my way of recording my progress. To piggyback off that, I also intend on filming frequently for documentary purposes. “Why”, you might be asking. Simple: this is my dream.

Since I was in high school (I’m 27 now, by the way), I’ve been hooked on Smash Bros (it was Melee at the time), I joined tournaments around NY and things lifted off from there. I spent much of my time practicing and getting better, but never committed as much as I would’ve liked. Long story short, I suffered anxiety. I was afraid of failing and feeling as though I won’t meet my expectations. I took a break from the tournament scene when Brawl came around. I missed the game and the tournament scene a lot, but I deliberately held myself back and just focused on college.

Years later, we have the current Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and there was no way I was letting this slide anymore. Taking a break helped me to make a lot of progress within myself and overcome a lot of those things I suffered from, although I’m not yet completely ‘healed’. So I’m just taking it a day at a time. Since November of 2015, I’ve been back in the tournament scene again. Many new and old faces. It’s good to be back. I realize that in order for me to completely heal, I have to be able to face the things that feared me most. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck in this phase probably forever. Where’s the fun in that?

My goal is to travel outside of NY later this year to enter National Tournaments and make the big leagues. Some of those tournaments would be:
Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo  – April 29th to May 1st

APEX 2016  – June 17th to 19th

CEO 2016  – June 24th to 26th

EVO 2016  – July 15th to 17th

Super Smash Con 2016  – August 11th to 14th

The Big House 6  – October 7th to 9th

Walk this journey with me. Be amazed with me. See all the things that I will see. It would be a pleasure to have you. I made some tough decisions and sacrifices to be here. But one thing is for sure, I only go forward. Turning back isn’t an option.

P.S. I play Roy (forever).



I’ve gathered clips of some of my current tournament matches since I’ve started, where I had the opportunity to get on stream, I’ve played against really good players, so it’s not the best showcase, but it’s what I have so far!



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