Sm4sh Vlog Ep. 2 Updates & Competitive Progress [Notes]

The 2nd episode to the Sm4sh Vlog “Smash Bros. Qualified” is underway. I can’t give much away but what I will say is that it will really showcase Blaze (that’s me) as a Meta-player to the competitive scene and you will get a better feel of that.

Speaking of competitive, my progress has been extremely productive lately. I have to admit that it has NOT been easy, nor should it be. Approaching the scene as a full-fledge Roy main has taught me a lot and how challenging it’s gonna be. But I LOVE IT! After every tournament I enter and realize the results, I continue to get this adrenaline rush to learn more and become better. I believe most of that rush stems from me seeing my own potential and just being determined. I’m going to keep that fire lit for as long as I have the ability to continue entering tournaments and progressing with Roy.

Appreciative of you guys who have been keeping up with me so far. Just know that it’s just the beginning for us.


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