Starting ‘The Wise Blog’ with an E3 BANG!



As you can tell, I picked the perfect time to create this blog and wanting to share my opinion with you all. This would be Exhibit A. E3 week is here! And it got all of us wondering what’s fully in store for us.

First, I would like to start by saying how much I am looking forward to what’s to come at this point in gaming. One reason being this is the year for the new console generation to show off what they can offer us gamers. It’s new and fresh and honestly we still don’t really know what the console’s full potential is at this point. Hell, sometimes I don’t think THEY know how capable it can be! Also, It’s a chance for the Wii U, Xbox One and the PS4 to take yet another stand and influence us as to why we should look forward to them in the near future.

As far as games are concerned, if you’ve been around then you know that we’ve basically been spoiled with what we can expect! However, who’s to say they will be good or not? We can’t really tell these days can we, since we have been (in more than one occasion) mislead in the past on games that we thought seemed exceptional.. cough.. Watch Dogs..

I will be spending most of this week sharing all things E3-related and giving my most heart-felt, honest and BLUNT opinion. I will be looking forward to this just as much as the next person will. Let the E3 week officially begin!


The Wise Introduction


Welcome to TheWiseGuy007’s Official Blog Spot — Regarding all things Video Games and Movies alike!

To those who come by and visit this blog, thank you in advance. I am Guy, a hardcore gamer as well as film fanatic. This blog was created with the idea of sharing my side of the story on the Video Game and Movie Industries. From the main stream that we all want to hear about to the classic nostalgia that we all know and love, but STILL want to hear about! As well as the movies and games that coincide with each other (or at least suppose to). I’m here to give you a very informative, unique as well as an insightful look on the topics that will be discussed in this blog’s future endeavor.

I welcome everyone especially those who love: Smash Bros, Video Games and Tech!

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