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Bayonepidemic stops now. Bayonetta gets a dramatic nerf in patch 1.1.6 [Video]

Welp, the moment most of us have been waiting for has just happened. It appears that with the upcoming patch 1.1.6 Bayonetta will be receiving a very hardcore nerf that will potentially cause her to lose the ability to kill as easily as she does. It’s real when it’s been confirmed that she and ONLY she has been given changes in the new patch. She will still have the opportunity to unleash nice combos but that seems to be as far as she can go now. A small clip has been leaked by Neko showing some of the few nerfs that she’s gotten. (You will need to click the links for videos)




Here are Bayonetta’s new statistics according to SmashBoards.com:

  • Dtilt:
    • Hitbox Size: 3.5 -> 2.8
    • FAF: 36F -> 38F
  • Fair:
    • First Hit Damage: 3.8 -> 3
    • Second Hit Damage: 2.8% -> 2.2%
    • Third Hit:
      • KBG: 82 -> 68
      • Autocancel Frame: 32> -> 33>
      • FAF: 36 -> 37
  • Dair Landing Hit KBG: 140 -> 135
  • After Burner Kick:
    • Upwards Kick:
      • All Hitboxes SDI Multiplier: 1 -> 2
      • Early Hit KBG: 40 -> 50
      • Normal Hit KBG: 30 -> 38
      • Late Hit KBG: 100 -> 112
    • Divekick:
      • Damage: 8% -> 6.5%
      • Angle: 80° -> 60°
      • Hitbox Size: 6.5 -> 4.5
      • SDI Multiplier: 1 -> 2
  • Witch Twist:
    • All Hitboxes SDI Multiplier: 1 -> 2
    • Early Middle Hit:
      • Upper Hitbox:
        • KBG: 100 -> 97
        • WKB: 160 -> 140
        • Hitbox Y Position: 24 -> 21
      • Both Hitbox Sizes: 8 -> 7
    • Middle Middle Hit:
      • Upper Hitbox Y Position: 24 -> 21
      • Both Hitbox Sizes: 8 -> 7
    • Late Middle Hit:
      • Upper Hitbox Y Position: 24 -> 21
      • Lower Hitbox WKB: 160 -> 135
      • Both Hitbox Sizes: 8 -> 7
    • Last Hit (First Use):
      • KBG: 105 -> 80
      • BKB: 50 -> 55
      • Hitbox Size: 9 -> 8.5
      • Hitbox Y Position: 20 -> 19
    • Last Hit (Second Use):
      • KBG: 30 -> 50
      • Hitbox Size: 9 -> 8.5
      • Hitbox Y Position: 20 -> 19

My experiences playing against her aren’t as terrible as other players experiences, but I however have seen why she’s been such a viable character up to this point. This will change the way that players in the competitive scene look at her without a doubt. What are your thoughts?


Bayonetta: Spanish ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Community Considering Banning Character From Competitions

So its come this. Spain decided that enough was enough with the claimed “pay-to-win” character, Bayonetta, in Sm4sh 4. Despite a recent patch that slightly reduced Bayonetta’s abilities, the competitive community in Spain is considering banning the character because she is seen to be too powerful. Was this a fair decision or were they reaching a bit?

Here’s some exhibits as to why this decision has been considered:



I honestly have to say that my feelings are more mixed than anything. It’s quite possible that even with the evident crap Bayonetta may have, chances are she won’t be banned (at least not in most places). But then it’s like, if one region is considering banning a character, all regions need to have a mutual understanding of the same idea. What happens when the community gets together for a big tournament and the rules won’t equally apply everywhere you go? In the case of Spain, I assume they would be extremely pissed and disappointed.

I will leave you guys with this long but insightful statement by the “decision-makers” in Spain:

“In Spain there’s just 3 actual Bayonetta mains as of now (over 400 people!), and two of them do agree with the ban. We had more bayonetta players (mostly as secondaries) but they dropped her because they felt it was unfair. If bayonetta is banned, they’ll probably go back to their old mains. However, since recent tournaments a lot of people are starting to pick her and we’re seeing MK 2.0 case, so banning her before everyone mains her is in our opinion the best option.

When just ~7% of votes are against actually banning her (rest is either yes or I dunno) she is toxic. If left allowed, a lot of people would drop out of the tournaments, scene and the game, and thus it’s not worth it to have her allowed. This is what I mean as toxic.

Banning bayonetta won’t be very detrimental to our community, at worst there is only one or two players who would stop attending. It might be detrimental for competing outside of our country, but that’s it.

Most TO agree with the ban and will actually ban her in their own tournaments. However, at the end of the day, each TO will set up rules for his own tournament, so it’s not impossible to have more tournaments with Bayonetta allowed, although the tournament might have low attendance.

No other character is banned in Spain or has ever been in the history of Smash. We do restrict Miis to guest, but with any moveset. We did ban Kokonoe on release in BlazBlue though, but that’s not smash.
As far as tournament results, Bayo players have made notable upsets (top40ish player beating top10, or top6 destroying everyone), but as she’s not played by many people she’s not dominating all results.”


E3 2014 Day Two (Wii U and Nintendo Press Conference)

With day one over, so was day two. Like we did on ‘day one’, let’s focus on what we’re all looking forward to. This time, for the Wii U.

Zelda Wii U (Moving things up a notch)

Remember Zelda where it all started on the NES? Well it’s almost 30 years now (27 to be exact) and look how far it’s come! At E3 2014, they took things there. If you’ve seen the trailer then you know what I mean! From the gorgeous graphics, to what seems like an extremely open world and the aggressive enemies, this game seems to be breaking out of it’s comfort zone and spicing up the Zelda series. There isn’t much to go by yet besides what we’ve seen and heard on E3. Speaking of heard, creator Franchise director Eiji Aonuma spoke a little on the game and mentioned how he tried to channel the idea of the first Zelda game’s overworld. In other words, He tried to give the Zelda Wii U a bit more of the ‘freedom’ concept that the first Zelda had. Which is a nice touch if you ask me. The artwork makes me channel something I would see as an anime, yet mixed in with CG. This is one to look out for!


Hyrule Warriors (Joining forces for a change)

Hey, while we’re focused on the Zelda franchise, let’s talk on it’s added piece to the ‘Hyrule Family’, Hyrule Warriors. This particular game, surprisingly, was assisted by a company we may (or may not) be familiar with. Here’s a hint, Ninja Gaiden… yep, you might have guessed it. It’s Tecmo-Koei / Team Ninja. Nintendo joined forces with these guys to create what feels like a “Dynasty Warriors” world, except with Hylians’. With players that vary from Link and Zelda to characters like Impa and Midna, the various characters give leeway to a player’s preference in this type of genre.  Fun for 2-players, where 1 player may use a T.V. Screen while the other plays on their own screen with the Wii U Pad. Which is awesome, if you like that kind of thing. Overall, if you’re a fan of Dynasty Warriors (Hyrule Warriors… I see the resemblance), then this is worth looking out for.

Bayonetta is back and appears better

Remember her? Well she’s returning exclusively on the Wii U this October with some gadgets and interesting new gear preferences! Punish those like Demons and Angels who stand before you with guns, a sword, a whip and devastating summons in this critically acclaimed, stylized action game. You’ll be busy trying to string in as many combos as possible to get the best out of the gameplay. Oh let’s not ignore the HD graphics, gorgeous! And to top it off, Bayonetta comes packed in with the purchase of every retail packaged version of Bayonetta 2.

 These are just SOME of the many anticipated Wii U games to look out for! After Everything the Wii U has been offering lately, I’m sold! Stay tuned for one more E3 2014 blog regarding the Xbox One!