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Really sad: Fellow NYC Smasher Passes Away in a Tragic Incident

A group of NYC smashers at a tournament on March 19th have a moment of silence for fellow smasher who passed away on March 16th 2016

It always hurts in some way to hear of any sad news. Unfortunately for us among the NYC Smash Bros (particularly Wii U) community, it was no different. A young man, real name Amani Miller, who went by the tag name ‘Lucario Money’ had passed away last week (March 16th 2015) due to a shooting where he lived. There’s currently no say in how the event occurred or who was apart of it, but there’s a chance that it could’ve been a “wrong place at the wrong time” situation. More information on this incident can be found here.

Above is a picture of a group of NYC smashers at a tournament on March 19th who have a moment of silence for Lucario Money as a way of not only paying respect, but acknowledging another smasher who is just like us. Other smashers have went out of their way to pay him respect w/tweets and videos of that particular moment. Here’s one of the tweets:

Moment of silence for Money. May you rest in piece. pic.twitter.com/3caJYBL65F

— Muñoz Muñoz (@MunozScyther) March 20, 2016


I’m doleful for his loved ones, family and friends alike, and I give my condolences to them. It’s rough out here in NYC, but that’s what keeps us so strong and bonded in a more unique way compared to other states. It’s unfortunate but hopefully this will shed some light on those who are oblivious to these type of situations. I pray that we, the entire smash community, never have to bare witness to another tragic incident in any way, shape or form.



Sm4sh Vlog Series “Smash Bros. Qualified”

It’s here. The beginning of my new Smash Bros. Vlog Series debuted today. Take a peek if you have some minutes to spare. If you enjoy what you see and find yourself interested in more, stay tuned. I will let it speak for itself mostly, but here’s a small description to get you started:

On Episode 1 of Smash Bros. Qualified, Harry (tag name Blaze) shares a little about himself and his lifestyle. The competitive player gives some insight on his history with the Super Smash Bros. franchise, how he got where he is today and where he’s looking to go next.

Smash Bros. Qualified is a documentary/video blog following a competitive player of Super Smash Bros. on his road to success.