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Attention PC users! A Windows 10 Downloader can be Hiding in your Security Updates


Microsoft has hidden a Windows 10 ad-generator/downloader in a latest security update KB 3139929. This security update is meant for IE11 users who are running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. So, if you haven’t already, take a moment to look at what’s inside.


Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates are often labeled as security updates, feature updates, and bug fixes. While it’s hard to distinguish between a new feature update and a bug fix, the security updates are released as a separate release.

Although I’m a little late to the party (this has been going around since March 11th 2016), it’s important that I share this with you guys. The desire to install Windows 10 on more devices has forced Redmond to change the rules and hide Windows 10 download ads in the latest Internet Explorer 11 security patch. If we look at Microsoft’s documentation regarding Patch Tuesday’s KB 3139929 Internet Explorer security update, it also installs a new Windows 10 ad routine called KB 3146449.

“This update adds functionality to Internet Explorer 11 on some computers that lets users learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10,” Microsoft describes the update.

However, it isn’t clear how does this update affect your browser. Some websites report that after installing the update, IE11 shows you a big Windows 10 upgrade banner if you visit MSN.com.


Other users have already complained that they have been seeing giant Windows 10 pop-ups that prompt them to upgrade Windows 10 when theyMSN.com — all this without installing the new IE11 security update. I’ve tried to reproduce this behaviour on my spare Windows 7 PC but failed to do so.

This Windows update was first spotted by InfoWorld.

If this behaviour is exactly the way it’s being reported, it’s a part of Microsoft’s strategy to increase the pace of Windows 10 installations. In the past, it was reported that company is using some shady promotional tactics and the latest saga is the new low. So for those of you who are avoiding Windows 10 right now, be careful, it’s waiting for you.


It’s evolving! Internet Explorer transitioning to next-gen web browser – Project Spartan for Windows 10


Resuming some Windows 10 updates: In Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 press conference they have demonstrated its new web browser, which is codenamed Project Spartan, for the first time. There are a few features that they took the time to show off and share with us.

The first feature of Spartan was a way to let you mark up web pages just as you would do if you were using a marker on a piece of paper. It also lets you share marked-up pages with people you’re collaborating with and can work on both touch-based and non-touch devices.

The second feature is improvements to improve your overall reading experience on the web that will include the ability to save content offline through a reading list that essentially freezes bookmarks in place and lets you read them later even if you have no web connection. It will also sync your reading list across all devices so you can read them on your phone if you’ve saved them on your PC and vice versa.

Cortana revealed as a Windows 10 feature
Cortana revealed as a Windows 10 feature

Finally, Microsoft allowed access to Cortana, their voice assistant, in the Spartan web browser so that you can use voice search when surfing the web. Here’s the cool part, since Cortana learns and adapts to your behavior, Cortana can let you know things about pages you’re looking at. Are you looking for a specific type of computer? Well, if you shop on a site, Cortana can tell you if that particular computer is available there.

Sounds promising! 2015 is sounding like a good year for Microsoft. My thoughts? Buh bye Internet Explorer… This. Is. Spartan!